I told you this giveaway would be plentiful, and I hope you all agree. In exchange for growing my portfolio and experience I would love to give away three free one hour photo sessions. This giveaway will end in two weeks at 12:00 noon on Friday, March 11th, and the photography sessions must take place in the next six months.

There are four different ways to gain an entry for this giveaway. Please leave a separate comment for each entry on this post.

1. Leave a comment here telling me about (or better yet, showing me!) your favorite picture of you/your kids/your pets/anyone else

2. Post about this giveaway on your Facebook page and leave a comment telling me you did so

3. Follow me on Twitter @kristygphotos and tweet about the giveaway–don’t forget to leave a comment here about it too

4. Blog about this giveaway and leave the link in a comment here

Thank you all for your support so far…The odds are really in your favor to receive some free photography here, and I look forward to working with you!


28 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. McMama

    We have NO real family portraits. The closest thing we have is from Christmas the year after Jude was born, so he’s on my back in an ergo all but invisible and it is really just a snapshot. I’m the photographer, so there are plenty of pictures of everyone else, but none of the four of us!

  2. Shelley Wilson

    My favorite pictures are of my kids. I have tons and tons! I don’t know how to post a picture on here other wise I would. My fav’s right now are of my 6m old daughter Reily. I have some really cute ones of her and my 5 yr old son Tyler too.

  3. Shelley Wilson

    I posted on FB about the give away. I don’t have a twitter account but I do have a Cafemom account. I can post there but I dont know if you can see it unless you have an account too. But I will anyway for ya!

  4. Ruth

    Well choosing one photo is just too hard, but I love this one:!/photo.php?fbid=1412687835838&set=a.1378916991588.2049224.1191797572&theater

    I really like candid photos, especial of kids. I think they can be so beautiful in capturing a moment when they don’t know anyone is looking. I also love the close ups of their faces when you get a really amazing look at their eyes, like in your banner above. They sometimes remind you just how beautiful those eyes are since you don’t often get to see them when your kids are running and being crazy!

  5. Jessica R.

    I love the family photo we have were the kids were acting up so hubby and I each picked one up and turned them upside – photographer snapped a pic and it is adorable! (it used to be my profile pic on FB).

  6. Laura B

    The two of her on the left are 2 of my favorites. As Amanda & I take way too many pics of my child its hard to choose!

    I’ll post you on facebook too :)

  7. Dawnlucille

    This is a photo of my mom and me on top of a mountain in Gatlinburg, TN. I don’t have many pictures of my mom and I so I really like this one.

    I would use your give away to have some maternity shots done. I’m due at the end of May and would really enjoy documenting this time in my life.

  8. Michele

    My favorite photo is of an upside-downed toddler next to my very pregnant belly. Like Jessica’s it was unplanned but adorable!

  9. Colleen King-Bergquist

    My favorite subject is either one of my boys who are 7 years and 7 months. Both are very photogenic and love posing for me!

  10. Susan

    I got a total unplanned pic of baby wrapped in a blanket that was just beaut, way better than any of the posed ones for the announcements!

  11. heather mchale

    Most of my favorites are random unplanned pics……..I LOVE ones with natural lighting, it makes such a big difference. I just got a new camera so I am hoping to get some good ones in the warmer months coming up. We have only had 1 family pic and my then 2 yr old was screaming through it, the baby was hungry and rooting and my oldest was covering her ears. That about sums it up!!

    Heather (PS I posted your link on my FB too!)

  12. Megan Anne

    This is my favorite photo of my boyfriend and I. Unfortunately, since I am a photographer, it is also one of the few photos we have together (maybe 10 photos in the 3 years we’ve been dating). We have always talked about doing a photo session together, but never seem to have the time and/or money. D:


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