Where you should buy your prints, because I’m bossy like that

Just a little recommendation here: for anything more than regular ol’ 4x6s for your family albums, opt for a quality lab.


Well, this great blog post outlines it well with visuals: http://www.wendylwhitephotography.com/info/?p=481

But in summary: Walgreens/Target/Costco/Snapfish/Shutterfly just don’t cut it when compared to professional labs. Something sad is that even your local camera store is the same as going to Wal-mart. They’re all printing on essentially the same “1-hour” machines which are now plugged into “image correcting” computers which needlessly bump up saturation and contrast, compress the file, and generally jack up your photos. You lose detail, sharpness, color true-ness–the photographer’s post-processing work has all been for naught!

But won’t it be EXPENSIVE?

It’ll likely cost more than Snapfish with coupon codes and free shipping specials, yeah, but for something you want displayed and cherished for years to come it’s worth a splurge, I think.

So where should you buy your special photos?


Their prices are reasonable, I swear. They are a fantastic pro-quality lab that is open to the public (unlike the strictly pro-labs that require a few hoops for us photographers to jump through to get in–like a secret club). MPIX has a bunch of options and products and their website is easy to use. They even run specials and sales!

Will I still get my 4x6s from Snapfish and Target? Yeah, I will, because I’m still cheap like that and I like to have way too many photos in my albums. But will I use them for enlargements and framed photos? Nope, I’m sticking with the pro-labs, and I hope you will too.


3 thoughts on “Where you should buy your prints, because I’m bossy like that

    1. kristygarceauphotography Post author

      Yup! I hadn’t yet gotten set up with one of the fancy pants exclusive pro-labs, but I really like MPIX. If you read the Wendyl White blog entry you can see how comparable they are to one another.

  1. Veronica

    Y’know…. I’d wondered why my prints always end up out-of-whack to what I zap over to my local camera store. I’d thought I was getting better than drug store, but now I’m not so sure. I know that for Christmas prints, I always *have one print made & adjust* several times before I have the whole kit n caboodle printed.

    I think it’ll be worth it to shoot the same file to a few different places for comparison.

    Thanks for the info!


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