Busy, busy, and busy

What a busy past few days! Three of the four last days have been filled with photographing some of the cutest kids ever in the history of cute kids.


It started Friday with little miss M there, whom I have had the pleasure of photographing in utero, as a newborn, and now at three months old. She’s chunked up so much in these past 12 weeks! She was also quite serious for her photo shoot, but graced us with a few smiles at the end :)

Then on Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting this family of boy, boy, boy, and yes, another boy!


And once again three months old proved to be the “I’m not going to smile for you, you crazy lady with a black box attached to your face” sort of age, though he snuck a few in for me at the end too.


Sunday? Day of rest. And if you remember, it was quite the beautiful weather to kick back in too.

Miss E here must have contacted those previous two babies, because she was in the “I’m not amused by your antics” crowd as well.


Momma got a few good grins out of her though :)


But, per her fashion, she went back to normal more often than not…

That hair and those eyes though! When she’s a bit older, if I ever decide to do a stylized fashion type shoot, she would be perfect!


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