A bit of a photo dump here

It was a weekend of last-minute family photo shoots for friends :) I can’t always guarantee my spontaneous availability like I did these past few days, but it worked out quite well this time! And these fall colors–I’m dreading the day they’ll be gone! Though with weather predictions as they are we’ll have a lot of beautiful snow-covered days to enjoy too, but I won’t make you all think about that too much now when it’s oddly 70F and gorgeous out.

Here’s the E family whom I’ve photographed previously and I always marvel at how no matter how you arrange these four kids they always look great…



And now, finally, another giveaway winner! The M family had a bit of a rough summer with some, well, structural issues in their home, though I have to say that the few month delay worked out awesome here; I’m really loving the photos from their session!





And while I’m here, I might as well share the results of a little camera swapping from a few days ago. This unseasonable weather prompted me to organize this idea with another friend; I photograph her family in exchange for setting my camera and handing it off to her so she can photograph mine.

First up, her beautiful family…



And finally, us!



These last three sets were all taken at the nature sanctuary/working farm around the corner from our house; I am so lucky to have such a scenic spot so close to home!


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