I’m a bad, bad blogger

I keep letting life happen instead of sharing photos of my wonderful clients. Shame on me!


I’m honored to photograph friends. Flattered to photograph friends of friends. And thrilled to photograph friends of friends of friends. I work within such an amazing network of people. As the weather has cooled now and all of my recipes are being filled with pumpkins and apples and spices my day dreams have been traveling to that stuff-yourself-silly holiday in which I try my hardest to have a quiet moment and reflect on what I’m thankful for, I can’t help but think of you, my wonderful clients. Here’s an early holiday inspired “thank you” to you all.

And without yammering further, here’s the good stuff :)

What started as a playful adventure in the backyard in hopes of some nice portraits…


…Ended quite literally in a bush with a carrot fresh from the dirt. Oh, this kid–he’s so fantastic!


I’ve also had the pleasure of working with more cooperative–that is, older–subjects too lately, and have been enjoying that thoroughly as well.


What a perfect day last Saturday was…






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